Hello, world (reloaded).

Hello world, again.

I’ve finally taken the decision to open a new blog, leaving the old one at JRoller. I’ve tried to move old posts here as well, but without success, so they will remain there for archive purposes. I’ve checked some tutorials on how to migrate from JRoller to WordPress online, but they’re all quite old and require some tweaks that nowadays I don’t have the time to try.

I hope that the cool features of this powerful platform could give back to me the pleasure to blog… after two years of silence. Twitter (my favorite communication channel) is great, but sometimes, you know, there’s the need to write more than few characters.

In addition, after six years of full immersion in the public sector, since few months I came back to Java programming accepting a part-time position as a chief technology consultant at Sardegne.com , which is the most important on line tour operator in Sardinia. Two part-time jobs keep me busy more than a full-time one… but, since now, I feel this has been one of the best decisions of my life.



Informazioni su fgianneschi

Fabrizio Gianneschi is a computer science engineer with 20+ years of experience in the IT sector. He works both in the private than in the public sector. Since the 2005 he's a member of the "Java Champions", a restricted community of Java technology experts and leaders, now handled by Oracle. Fabrizio is also the founder of the Java User Group Sardegna, a Duke's Choice Award winner and one of the most well known user groups in Italy.
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